Pre Nuptial Agreement

Pre Nups as they are more commonly known are now referred to as Marital Agreements.  A “qualifying” marital agreement will be binding if certain criteria are met.

If you are contemplating marriage and want to put in place an agreement regarding how your assets are to be retained or divided upon a subsequent divorce you should meet with us for some advice.

There are a number of factors that need to be met for the agreement to be binding and one is that’s it is signed not later than 28 days before the wedding so please bear this in mind during the busy preparations for the wedding.

We can offer advice on this complicated area of law and explain the process and your options in a clear and simple way.

As part of our commitment to making the process easier for our clients we can advise you outside office hours and at weekends as we understand that not everyone can able to take time off to see us during the working day.

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