QIs a fixed fee divorce right for me?

AIf your divorce is likely to be straightforward and with no objections from your spouse, then yes, it probably is.  You can always contact us for more information, or to arrange an initial meeting to explore all of your options.

QHow much is it going to cost?

AEvery case is different, and we tailor our costs accordingly.  The more complicated a case, the more time we have to spend on it, so the more of our time we have to charge for.

If budget is tight, and the process is likely to be simple, you should definitely consider the fixed fee options..

QHow long does the divorce process take?

AA divorce takes about 6 months from start to finish.

QI want to start divorce proceedings. Now what do I do?

AIf you feel a fixed fee divorce is for you please contact us.  If you just want some advice on your options an initial meeting either by telephone, Zoom or in person will give you the advice and assistance you need.


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QMy partner and I have separated

AYou must provide your marriage certificate if you want to divorce.  You can obtain a certified copy by contacting the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages department of the Council in the area of where you got married.  Alternatively we can obtain a copy for you.  There will be an additional charge to do this for you.

QI don't think a fixed fee divorce is right for me but I still want a divorce. Can you help me?

AYes, you can come and see us to discuss your options.

QI own my own home and my boyfriend is going to move in. Do I need to do anything to protect the equity I have in my home?

AIt would be sensible to have a Living Together Agreement prepared so it is clear who will pay for what and that your boyfriend would not gain any interest (money/equity) in the property even if he had contributed towards the mortgage or other outgoings.

QDo I still have rights as a father to see my children after we are divorced?

AYes.  The court focuses on a child’s right to maintain a relationship with both parents.  If you and the other parent are agreed on the arrangements for you to see your child/ren then the Court would not become involved.  If the other parent is refusing to allow you to have contact with your children or will not agree to a level of contact that you want then you can make an application to the court for a Contact Order.  You must be willing to mediate (exceptions apply) before you can make an application to the Court.

QMe and my partner have separated but what claims do I have against the home we once shared that is in my ex partners sole name?

AUnmarried couples do not have the same rights or financial claims against each other that married couples have.  Alot of unmarried couples wrongly believe that they acquire similar rights as married couples but this is not the case.  If you have been sharing the household outgoings in the house you shared you may have a claim against the property even though you are not a joint legal owner of the property but it can be a complicated process.  If you find yourself in this situation an initial meeting would explain the options available open to you.

QAre financial matters all sorted at the same time as the divorce?

AFinancial matters such as property, savings and pension are not automatically sorted at the same time as the divorce.

There are a number of financial claims you need to consider and you should seek advice on how to resolve financial matters.

We can advise you on how assets are usually divided and help you reach an agreement.