Unmarried Couples

Unmarried Couples

Marriage rates have decreased by 36.6% over the last 30 years meaning there is an increasing number of couples choosing to simply live together (cohabit) rather than getting married. Problems arise in these situations, following separation, as they do not have the same legal rights as married couples have against each other.

If you own your own home and your partner has moved in, or is about to move in, you should consider having a Living Together Agreement. This sets out the terms of who will pay for the mortgage and other utility bills and what will happen upon separation – usually that the non-owning partner has not acquired an interest in the property.

If you have lived with your partner in a property which they own, and you have paid towards any renovation projects or made regular payments towards the mortgage, you may be able to establish that you have acquired an interest in the property.

We can offer specialist advice on this complicated area of law and explain the process in a clear and simple way. These services are available on hourly fee basis as every couples’ circumstances are different.

Living Together Agreement

Thinking of taking the next step in your relationship? Do you own your own home and considering asking your partner to move in? If you are a property owner, you may wish to have a Living Together Agreement.
This agreement clarifies responsibilities in terms of paying the household bills or contributing to the mortgage, as well as detailing what will happen in the event of separation.

The main purpose of having such an Agreement is to protect you and your assets if you separate, as it reduces the risk of your partner making a claim that having contributed towards the mortgage or expenditure entitles them to an interest in your property. Such claims can be expensive in the long run.